Belt Pouches
Pouches - General Description
Small Pouch

Small Pouch

Belt loops accomodate a 3-4" belt. All pouches are black.  Inquire for availability of brown, red, blue, green, or purple. Pouches are made from a sturdy chrome tanned leather.  If requested, they can made out of a 3-4 ounce garment leather (like motorcycle jackets).  All pouches approx 2" deep

Small: 5"Hx5"W  $33

Medium: 6"Hx6"W   $35

Large: 7"Hx7"W   $40

Add $5 for embossing (see options below)

Large and Medium pouches available with an adjustable shoulder strap for an additional $10

Dagger Pouch-a large or medium pouch with a dagger in a sheath sewn to the back.

Medium-$50 Large-$55 

Add $5 for embossing (see options below)



Sporrans: Scottish belt pouch. Traditional pattern with your choice of buttons.

Approx. 7 1/2" x 8 1/2". Available colors may vary, inquire for info.

$40 each

Add $5 for embossing (see options below)

Fur Sporran: $50.00

Front of sporran made of real rabbit fun
Add $5 for embossing (see options below)

Fox Face Fur Sporran: $58

Jester Sporrans:  Scottish belt pouch.  Jester pattern with your choice of buttons.

Approx. 7 1/2" x 8 1/2".  Available colors may vary, inquire for info.

$50.00 (by special order only)
Add $5 for embossing (see options below)

An extra large pouch for holding just about everything. It measures approx.10" X 10"x3" deep, with any clasp or button you want. 
Standard size, Belt loops:$45.00

Shoulder Bag:$50.00

Add $5 for embossing (see options below)    

Thieves Guild Shoulder Bag - $85

Inspired By the works of Terry Pratchett and Dungeons and Dragons, we present this Thieves Guild Kit. Shoulder bag with tools of the trade built in. Strap contains an iron lockpick, small saw blade, skeleton key, brass magnifying glass, and glass vial for oil, acid, or what have you. (Disclaimer:For decorative use only. Not responsible for actual thieving or consequences!)  

Specify if you desire the pouch to hang upon your right or left side.
Embossing Options:

Celtic Cross

Celtic Triangle II


Celtic Horse

Celtic Triskele

Green Man

Celtic Knot

Celtic Wolf

Jolly Roger

Celtic Knot II



Celtic Triangle

Dragon II

Buttons and Clasps - not shown to scale, read left to right for name
Some of these I will have ready made in stock, others may have to be assembled with the right clasp or button, but these should all be available within a very short period of time. Just order as a: 'MEDIUM TRILOCK' or 'SMALL THISTLE'

Description left to right, top to bottom:

Thistle, Love silver, love gold, Kell silver, kell gold, square

wolf,  celtic horse, medieval dragon, bear, Templar, Fleur De Leis

Fox, Tree, Viking, Oak silver, Oak Gold, Leaf

Dragon Plain, red, blue, purple, green, black, Piece of Eight

Valknut Plain, red, green, blue, purple, black

Skull red, green, purple, blue, black, Pelican

Boar plain, red, green, blue, black, Tudor Rose

Trilock clasp silver or gold, Swing lock clasp silver or gold

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